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Daryl was really quick in answering my query
Vijay Ramasamy
Vijay Ramasamy
Great advice and service. Went above and beyond to help.5*
Dave Frith
Dave Frith
Many thanks to Keith for his professional and prompt service in helping to install a chairlift for my mum who is suffering from arthritic knees. The lift was installed within a week and looks like money extremely well spent. My mum is already feeling the benefits of not having to struggle upstairs to her bathroom and bed and I would have no hesitation in recommending Castle Comfort Centre to anyone in a similar situation.
Tim Hubbbert
Tim Hubbbert
Was looking for a company at the right price to install in a commercial property was working on. Luckily I found castle comfort stairlifts and wasn’t disappointed, Very professional and very quick install, also good after service
Sara F
Sara F
These guys were great - I cannot recommend them highly enough! Our beloved dog could no longer get up the stairs into our flat so we found ourselves camping at a friends house over New Year trying to figure out what to do. I was referred to this company after trying many others and they came to the rescue and within a few days a lift was installed and adapted for our very large dog and we were able to go home. The service was great and so kind and caring. Our dog loves the lift so much that he gets really excited when it is time to go out. It has been a life saver. Thank you Keith and his team for making it happen.
Tony Hickey
Tony Hickey
Keith gave very helpful information and is a very decent person to deal with. Highly recommended
Aaron C
Aaron C
Castle Comfort Stairlifts was the first company I contacted when it became clear that a chairlift was needed for my ailing mother. Keith guided me through the whole process and went over the pros and cons of the various options available in clear concise terms. It’s extremely clear that Keith and his colleagues have an in-depth knowledge of the market including the pricing offered by all of the major players. I would not hesitate to recommend Castle Comfort.Stairlifts.
Mark Elliott
Mark Elliott
very easy to order and install - done remotely using photos and has been working well so far
Mike Sweeney
Mike Sweeney
Keith at Castle Comfort Stairlifts Ltd was extremely helpful, answered all my questions promptly on a Saturday and even while he was on holiday! Instillation was organised for a specific date to allow my son in law to be around for the event. The instillation engineer was helpful and explained the stairlift operation while I gave it a try and even cleaned up when he had finished the job – all done in under two hours! Overall a comfortable and professional experience which I would not hesitate to recommend. As for the chairlift itself, it is easy to operate and made a huge difference to my mobility. Wish I had done it years ago. S. Knight Ps. Picture shows emergency supplies heading up!!

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Are you looking for an elevator or home through floor lift alternative for your home in London? One that doesnʼt take up much space, is low maintenance, and will enable you to reach the upper floors in comfort? Look no further – curved stairlifts are the answer! This perfect residential solution provides a comfortable, safe and secure way to get up and down stairs, eliminating the need for a much more expensive and lengthy elevator installation. In this page, weʼll discuss the reasons why curved stairlifts are quickly becoming the preferred choice for many London families, as well as how to get a free quote today. We’ll also go into the wide range of options available and the range of benefits that come with the installation. So without further ado, let’s dive right in and learn how to get a free quote for your curved stairlift in London! CALL OR TAP HERE >>0207 717 9797 TODAY FOR YOUR QUOTE

Quick Summary of Key Points

There are many suppliers in London that offer curved stairlifts. You are searching online to compare prices and find the best deal on the model that best suits your needs. Please take into account the reviews and testimonials of the company that you are dealing with in order to find a trustworthy stairlift company for you.

Curved Stair Lifts in London

Curved stairlifts in London have been becoming a more popular choice for those either unable to tackle their staircase or limited in their mobility. Unlike traditional stairlifts, curved stairlifts can be custom tailored to fit even the most complex and unusual of staircases, making them useful for residential and commercial buildings alike. Those considering curved stairlifts should realise that these lifts offer many advantages over traditional ones, such as easier navigation around bends, better adjustability for the user’s needs, and improved functionality due to the ability of fitting into awkward spaces.
However, there are some drawbacks to installing curved stairlifts in London as well. These chair lifts as they are also called, tend to be pricier than standard straight ones, and their installation process is more involved, meaning it can take a little longer to get one set up and ready to use – a couple more hours that’s all. Furthermore, if used improperly they can be dangerous to operate, for example as is the same with any other kind of lift, you must always follow the safety guidelines when using these devices.
Ultimately, curved stairlifts in London can provide an invaluable service to those who are unable to climb stairs on their own. They may require extra considerations related to price and installation time that your straight stair lifts don’t have; however, they offer unique features that can help make life much easier for those with physical limitations. 

  • An estimated 16% of the population in London who are disabled have difficulty using the stairs due to physical restraints or visual impairments.
  • According to research conducted in central London, approximately 80% of people would benefit from having accessible lifts or stairlifts installed in their homes.
  • In 2022, it was reported that more than twenty five thousand curved stairlift installations occurred in the Greater London area.

Essential Points to Remember

Curved stairlifts in London offer a valuable service to the elderly or those with physical limitations by providing easier navigation around bends and better adjustability for the user’s needs, but their installation process is more involved and their price-point is usually higher than traditional stairlifts. Despite these drawbacks, these lifts can provide much needed access solutions to difficult building structures and make them accessible for everyone. TAP HERE >>0207 717 9797 << FOR BROCHURE OR QUOTE

Access Solutions for Your Home

When it comes to buildings in London, not all architectural designs are created equal. While some structures may include roomier elevators or wide staircases, others may be found with more complex and intricate mobility solutions. Curved stairlifts can be an excellent option for these types of buildings as they provide a smooth and comfortable ride around any winding staircase within the building.

The debate on whether curved stairlifts are suitable for modern building access is often a heated one. Those who prefer more traditional solutions may argue that lifts serve the purpose just as well. On the other hand, those who advocate for curved stairlifts make reference to their space-saving design which eliminates the need for large lifts that may actually create further accessibility problems in tight spaces.
Ultimately, the decision on which solution to use should depend on both the budget available and the accessibility requirements of the building. Curved stairlifts provide reliable, efficient and comfortable travel between levels whilst also considering space constraints in an architectural setting. However, if budgetary restrictions are your main concern, curved lift rental or a quote for a reconditioned unit might be your best option.

Whilst there is always debate on various access solutions for modern buildings, one thing everyone can agree on is the sheer convenience and comfort provided by curved stairlifts. Moreover, home owners are beginning to take advantage of this innovative technology in order to reduce reliance on accessibility lifts or steep staircases within their own homes – giving home owners greater freedom and independence in the comfort of their own environment. This transition from modern building access solutions to state-of-the-art forms of home improvement will be discussed further in the following section about our range of benefits for home owners.

Benefits for Home Owners

Homeowners in London looking to install curved stairlifts are sure to benefit in a big way. With these highly efficient and reliable access solutions, it’s possible to provide an ability to traverse stairs without issue. Not only are curved stairlifts able to provide a unique solution tailored to any building layout and staircase configuration, they also come with additional benefits that traditional straight stairlifts do not.
First and foremost, curved stairlifts offer the ultimate in comfort and design combined. Widely available the lead time on this particular access solution is a matter of a few days rather than weeks or months.  Our most recommended curved stairlifts can follow the curves of your staircase for a truly seamless look that blends into your home’s design.

Additionally, curved stairlifts come fitted with extra features designed for maximum safety. An electronic speed control means these models operate at lower speeds for greater stability—imperative on winding or tight turns—while surface sensors work during use and stopping to prevent collisions or obstruction. Finally, seat belts are installed as standard with all curved stairlifts so those using them can feel assured they are well protected while navigating the stairs at home.
These benefits make curved stairlifts an ideal choice for homeowners looking for increased accessibility around their property while retaining a stylish aesthetic appearance. And when coupled with high-end installation systems from professional UK manufacturers there’s no better way to achieve both goals simultaneously. Our experienced team of experts is available now and ready to provide you with outstanding installation services that bring these access solutions safely into your home today.

Professional Installation Team

When investing in a curved stairlift, having it installed by a reliable and professional team is critical for ensuring long-term satisfaction. Not only will this save homeowners money in the long run, but it also offers peace of mind that the job is done correctly. A well-installed curved stairlift can provide years of convenient access to different levels within the home.

We would recommend a professional engineer highly trained in the appropriate installation or repairs techniques and having expertise with the various components of the curved stairlift. You will get a guarantee/warranty that your curved stairlift is safely installed, but you can also receive tips and advice on maintenance and care. CALL OR TAP >>0207 717 9797<<FOR MORE INFO

Ultimately, when installing a curved stairlift, safety always remains the top priority. With a reliable installation team homeowners can rest assured knowing that their curved stairlift will be securely fitted and provide years of safe access around their home.

By investing in a high-quality curved stairlift, you have taken the first step towards achieving greater convenience at home and accessibility between levels. The next step is to decide on the right design and discuss costs with professional dealers like Castle Comfort who specialise in curved stairlifts in London.

Cost and Design of Stairlifts That Go Round Corners

When it comes to cost and design of curved stairlifts in London, the customer has many choices. A professional surveyor will meet you at your property and help you decide which design best fits your needs and budget. On one hand, customers may want to choose a higher quality model that is more expensive but is built from more durable materials that will last longer and provide a smoother ride. On the other hand, there are more affordable ways of purchasing a stairlift such as buying a reconditioned one or hiring one.
The cost for the stairlift will depend on the type of product chosen and how complex the installation job is. Prices for basic models can range from £4,000 up to £6,000 and beyond for specialty models such as those with power movements or extra safety features. Talk to us for professional advice.

Another factor to consider when choosing a curved stairlift in London is its design. There are several different shapes and sizes available so it is important to work with a company who understands the different styles and what makes each one unique. Curved stairlifts need to fit around corners or through awkward spaces so having a model that works well for your home’s layout is essential to popularity and usability. 
At first thought, the cost of curved stairlifts may seem daunting; however, there are numerous benefits associated with investing in these products. For example, they offer increased mobility and freedom among elderly individuals or those with limited movement in their lower limbs – allowing them to live independently in their own homes rather than moving into a care facility, which often cost £1000 a week. Furthermore, depending on the model chosen these products can be made applicable for very narrow curved stairs.
Overall, there is no one-size-fits-all model when it comes to curved stairlifts in London. Choosing the right one all comes down to personal needs and budgets – both of which a professional surveyor can discuss further with you before making any final decisions. Call us to get a convenient appointment on 0207 717 9797

Answers to Common Questions

How much does it cost to install a curved stairlift in London?

The cost of installing a curved stairlift in London depends on the size and complexity of the stairs in question, as well as the specific requirements of the customer. Generally speaking, you should expect to pay between £4,000 and £6,000 for a curved staircase lift. This includes installation costs and any additional features that may be required. To get a more accurate estimate it is best to contact us and we can provide a specific quote based on your particular needs.

What safety features are available on London curved stairlifts?

Curved stairlifts are equipped with a range of safety features to ensure users are supported in every way. The most common features include: safety belts, sensors that detect movement and obstruction on the stairs, seat swivel and footrest locks, and weight limits for riders. All of these features help to prevent slips and falls, as well as ensuring passengers remain comfortable throughout their journey. Additionally, many come with remote controls and online support so that users can easily access help if needed. Finally, all models come with 24-hour technical support to address any issues that arise. With a variety of safety features available, a curved stairlift will offer a safe and reliable ride every time.

Are there any special requirements for installing curved stairlifts?

Yes, there are some special requirements when it comes to installing curved stairlifts in London. It is important to make sure that the measurements of the staircase and other relevant areas are correct and accurate, as well as ensuring that there is plenty of space for the lift to navigate its route without any obstruction. Furthermore, due to the nature of the track on a curved staircase, they have a lower weight limit that a straight stairlift. As such, it is highly recommended that you consult with an experienced installer like Castle Comfort in order to get a better understanding of what is involved in the installation process. TAP OR CALL >>0207 717 9797<<FOR FREE QUOTE

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