Stair Lift Reviews

Stairlifts Reviews

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The company was amazing at sorting out a stairlift for my mum. Excellent response and very competitive rates.
Mike Markiewicz

My father in law bought two chairs at the beginning of this month. The service was fantastic, very helpful advice from staff, the chairs arrived on the day of the order, with the old chairs removed at no cost. The new chairs are just what he needed, high enough for ease of use and very comfortable. We will use your company again.

Needed a stairlift sorting for my parents in Chelsea.
I don’t normally go for firms with lots of glowing on-line reviews as being in business myself I know a lot of
‘Find a tradesman’ And ‘Check a business’ sites actually charge companies to be included. So not perhaps entirely impartial or genuine.
But on finding Castle Stairlifts I was able to study, mainly by their videos, who I would be actually dealing with. A BBC video of them arranging a free product for a deserving cause cause particularly impressed me as did many other published films I found by searching a bit more. And when I phoned them (out of office hours) the owner of the business actually answered himself and was able to quote a price straight off. It was all sorted within three days and my parents are delighted. So I am I. Recommended.
Roger Bellfield

Outstanding! Firstly, Castle Comfort beat competitors on price hands down. I found everyone I dealt with either face to face or on the phone very knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, respectful and polite. We had a small problem with the stairlift after the installer had left, I phoned Castle Comfort and an engineer came early the next day and resolved it and we haven’t had any more since. I found Keith and Ann to be kind, caring and compassionate. I would not hesitate to recommend Castle Comfort to family and friends.
June Duke

I called Keith with an urgent and specific requirement. He was very helpful and very concerned to get me the right solution. Although he would have been able to fit the stairlift in a few days, he passed me on to another supplier who was available to do the work right away as they had the right part in stock. He also called back to confirm that the work had been done and to see if there was any other help that I needed. He also put me in contact with another supplier who could help with a particular issue that could not be addressed via a conventional stairlift solution.
I think that this shows that Keith and his team really care about the customer first, and I would definitely be happy to use his services in future.
John Gillespie

Quick and Effective Service – I was cautious to contact any stair lift company having previously been ripped off by one previously. I read Castle Comfort Stairlift reviews and hoped they would be as good as the reviews said. On calling them they were. I called and spoke to Keith who was extremely efficient and helpful . He gave me good sound advice and he gave me a very reasonable quote for a new stair lift, all on the same day that I called him. I will be arranging the stairlift to be replaced by Castle Comfort Stairlifts as they have been so helpful in this difficult time.
Kay Mead

chairlift reviews in london

Right below is the television appearance of our company on the BBC News when we worked with a family to provide a free stair lift as a charitable donation.

Click the centre of the video screen to start it playing.

We have made a number of other contributions to various charitable causes over the years, and these have tended to be in the areas of Motor Neurone Disease, Cancer and support for Disabled Children. We work closely with our nominated charities or individuals and have appeared in several newspapers who often cover the stories.

If you are looking for specific reviews for different stairlift models then we can help to steer you through the maze that is the stair lifts marketplace.  Have you watched any of our customer review videos further up the page to find out what to expect when you get a stairlift installed? Take a look now to see just how much they have been helped.

There are a handful of British manufacturers the most widely known of which is Stannah, but the others worthy of mention in the top 3 category are Acorn stairlifts and Minivator stair lifts.

Stannah Stairlifts

This company are the longest established lift manufacturer in the UK as they started out making lifts and escalators in the 1800’s and have now grown to worldwide sales of over half a million lifts. The range covers straight and curved models as well as perch stair lifts and installations such as platform lifts, which are suitable for wheelchair users.  They are the only stairlift supplier that can fit you a home elevator or a stairlift of their own design and manufacture.  Prince Phillip notably had one of their lifts installed at Sandringham, though that one was a multi-floor lift in a listed building so cost quite a lot more than one for your stairs would be. Contact us to enquire about having a Stannah Lift by phoning 020 7717 9797 today.

Acorn Stairlifts

Acorn began as a stair lift company in 1992 when the business repaired and reconditioned other brands of lift for resale.  They went on to develop their own design – the Superglide, which was aimed at solving any issues that they saw as being a part of other manufacturer’s lifts.  They then acquired another specialist curved stairlift company as they expanded and now produce the quickest to install curved rail system in the world, with a lead time of a few days to fit the lift from order. Acorn produce a reliable lift at a good value price. Why not contact us here to find out about an Acorn stair lift installation on your stairs?

Minivator Stairlifts

Minivator are also known as Companion stair lifts and have been associated with Age-UK to sell stairlifts through a charitable partnership to raise money for the organisation. The firm started over 30 years ago in the West Midlands and have been manufacturing 3 main models of straight stairlift, an outdoor model, 2 curved rail designs and also a heavy duty model for bariatric clients. With a wide choice of colours to choose from the Minivator lift can fit unobtrusively into any style of home. The standard warranty on the Minivator is 2 full years and occasionally they make their lifts available on a 0% finance basis to help spread the cost. Phone us today if you would like to find out about a Companion lift and to see if the no interest finance scheme is running near you. CALL 020 7717 9797 TODAY


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